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What is Second Party Auditing?

we deliver auditing services against specifications and standards outside our normal activities – typical second party services include supplier audits, contractual audits, audits on behalf of membership associations and trade bodies to confirm membership requirements and unaccredited scheme audits.

What do Second Party Audits Provide?

Second Party audits provide a means of verifying compliance to specified criteria using independent and professional auditors who are highly respected in the industry, in a cost effective manner. Because we are auditing against specifications unique and personal to your business there is an opportunity to determine the depth and detail of the audit. This allows you to focus on specific areas of need, and in particular for the auditors to identify and give feedback and advice upon particular weaknesses and strengths with an emphasis upon improvement.

The type of feedback can be determined according to your requirements and could be in the form of an official report, certification or verbal presentation. Our flexibility enables us to adapt out approach to individual specifications. We can provide certificates if necessary and reports can be digital or hard copy.   You may only want a recommendation or a more comprehensive written and/or verbal report.  Second party audits allow the flexibility to adapt our methodology according to your needs and we will provide our findings in the manner that suits you and meets your criteria.

Information & Quotation

CQC provide a free and no obligation quotation service. We can arrange for a senior manager with expertise in second party work to visit you to discuss the various ways we can meet your individual requirements.