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At CQC, we are passionate about technology, people and the environment. The work which our employees do every day has a real impact on the lives of the people around them. Beyond solving issues, our employees worldwide dedicate themselves to making the world a safer place.

That is why we attract the best minds from all disciplines. By joining us, you are joining a network of experts who are committed to creating more safety and added economic value for our clients and the community. They preside on committees that formulate the next practices with regard standards. 

We encourage and take steps to cultivate an open culture that puts our people at the heart of everything we do. As a leading technical service providers, our most important asset is our experienced and qualified workforce. CQC has a unique company structure which enables us to re-invest all our profits back into the company, and put focus on what really matters - staff and workplace development.


CQC’s network of offices will give you the opportunity to work with a diverse and pool of colleagues; or fuel your international development ambitions. We believe in adding value to not just our customers, but also our employees by giving them outstanding opportunities for personal and professional growth.