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We view career development as the link between successful people and successful business results. Through a variety of development pathways, processes and tools, our integrated approach to learning and development helps our people reach their full career potential and drive high performance business results.

At CQC, we believe that successful career development depends as much on your passion, energy and drive to learn and grow, as it does on the development opportunities we provide. We view development as a shared commitment to organization growth and personal success.

Whether it’s on-the-job learning, formal training programs, graduate placements, remote team projects, professional associations, regular performance reviews and feedback, coaching and mentoring, stretched assignments, promotions and transfers, or simply ongoing access to our global network of people and facilities, your career development with CQC is assured.

CQC recognizes that our success today is largely attributed to our pool of qualified and dedicated workforce. That is why we believe in investing in our employees to support them in expanding their professional qualifications and developing their personal development. 

At every stage of your career with us, we offer you a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow continuously in your job. We mentor our people through training programs, on-the-job training, knowledge-transfer programs and a transparent performance management system. 

We achieve our targets through fostering teamwork and inculcating a sense of responsibility in our people. By rewarding productivity and high performers, we create a work culture that encourages growth and development. Resources are dedicated to groom our people for current and future leadership positions.