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The Technical Standard for Food Packaging Manufacturers, developed jointly by the British Retail Consortium and the Institute of Packaging (IoP), sets out certain hygiene and quality requirements for packaging manufacturers supplying the food industry.

The benefits of implementing BRC Global Standard - Packaging

There are a number of benefits arising from the implementation of the BRC Global Standard – Packaging:

§  It could reduce the number of audits by your customers and allow technologists to concentrate on other areas, such as product development, or specific quality issues.

§  It provides a single standard and protocol, allowing evaluation to be carried out by certification bodies who are accredited against the European standard EN45011 (ISO/IEC Guide 65).

§  A single verification, commissioned by the suppler in line with an agreed evaluation frequency, will allow suppliers to report upon their status to those customers recognizing the standard.

Why seek certification to BRC Global Standard - Packaging

The benefits to a company can be identified by the following points:

§  Within the evaluation protocol, there is a requirement for ongoing surveillance and confirmation of follow up of corrective actions on non-conformity.

§  The standard addresses part of the requirements of the suppliers, packers and retailers.

§  As certification bodies are accredited against a European standard, there can be recognition of accredited certification bodies in countries where products are sourced.

How do you start to implement BRC Global Standard – Packaging? What is involved?

The steps to be taken to achieve certification to BRC/IoP are:

§  Obtain a copy of the standard.

§  Put processes in place to conform to the requirements of the standard.

§  Carry out a self-assessment.

§  Document the processes.

§  Prepare for the evaluation and appoint an accredited certification body to carry it out.

§  Undergo the site evaluation.

§  If applicable, carry out a corrective action program for any non-conformances that may have been raised during the evaluation.

Why choose CQC for your audit?

CQC has an enviable record for customer satisfaction for its certification services. A friendly approach and a dislike of bureaucracy have led to unprecedented growth through referrals from contented clients. CQC only employs auditors that have empathy with this approach. They are also carefully allocated by their experience in the industry they are auditing. This results in a practical, meaningful evaluation, carried out in an air of mutual understanding. CQC firmly believes that the evaluation should benefit the organization that requests it, not be an intellectual exercise to ‘please’ the auditor.